General Dentistry
Residency Program

First Year GPR Goals and Objectives

  1. Develop the clinical judgment (outcomes-based clinical decision making), technology-based information retrieval, diagnostic ability, and clinical skill to provide comprehensive general dentistry.
  2. Develop the ability to manage medically compromised hospital patients in ambulatory and inpatient settings and appropriately interact with and respond to consults from other services/health care professionals.
  3. Develop and enhanced patient and practice management skills.
  4. To develop greater practitioner humanity, to become an ethical, moral and empathetic practitioner with an appreciation of multi-culturalism.
  5. To understand and impact positively on the oral health needs of the community where they work.
  6. Participate in a research project or present two large comprehensive case presentations at mid year and end of year.
  • Resident education to enable the resident to evaluate the patient’s total oral health needs, provide a means of entry into the oral health care system, provide professional general dental care and refer the patient, when indicated, to appropriate specialists while preserving the continuity of care.
  • Offer a broad range of dental services, which can meet the needs of a diverse spectrum of patients, providing patient care including the elderly, handicapped, medically compromised, and hospital-based dentistry.
  • Educate the residents in hospital protocol and procedures through working in the ER, OR, and with physicians and other health professionals. Create a multidisciplinary learning environment, where dental residents not only learn from colleagues, but teach the importance of oral health care as well.
  • Meet the dental needs of underserved areas, which suffer from limited access to specialty services. Instill the concept of responsibility of community service.